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People are getting more and more health conscious but somehow there are certain parts of the body that we constantly ignore. This could be due to different reasons. One of the most ignored parts of our body is our mouth and teeth. Interestingly, we have the maximum teeth than any other organ in numbers but we still ignore it! The reason behind it could be different. The most obvious reason seems to be because they are mostly hidden and are not so evident and so if there is any kind of problem in any of the teeth, we come to be aware of it at a much later part of life.


However, it is necessary that we take care of our teeth so that we avoid it’s decay and any other problem for that matter. A simple rule for Dental Care is to brush regularly. Doctor prefers at least brushing your teeth twice, once when you wake up and once just before sleeping. They think that at night teeth are in most critical situation and they prefer night brushing more important than and the day one. However, you should brush your teeth and keep them and keep them clean as much as possible.


Apart from it, you can do do threading to take out the remains of food and other edibles that gets into teeth every now and then. Toothpick are also effective but you should use them with proper care because they can also hurt your gums. Apart from it, tongue cleaner should be used to clean your teeth. This is going to be good enough to take care of your teeth and serve you for a long time.


It is also advised that you periodically visit a dentist so that he can have a through check up of your dental health and make suggestions. At times, our teeth are in critical condition but we become aware of it at a much later part of life. Due to this, we have to do it’s refilling, cap at or even remove it. In order to avoid such a situation, it is necessary that we visit the dentist on a regular basis and also exam in our teeth, especially the inner ones on a regular basis. If you follow these steps, this would be good enough to keep your teeth in great shape and serve you long point

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