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The Role of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in Medical Science

Medicine is the science, art, and practice of treating a patient with a view toward restoring their health and treating their ailment, the outcome of their damage or illness. Medicine encompasses all medical practices developed to keep and improve health by the proactive prevention and timely treatment of disease. The word ‘marmaceutical’ literally means, ‘of or relating to medicine’. It has come to refer to any of these practices. It is used also, to refer to drugs, medicines, remedies, equipment or chemicals utilized in the practice of medicine.

It is practiced mostly in the western countries and is practiced in a variety of ways. It includes both the clinical treatment option and the complementary option as part of the treatment. Therapeutic massage, acupressure, herbal therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy, spiritual healing, homeopathy, conventional medicine, bodywork and psychotherapy are some of the methods that are practiced in complementary medicine. Here are some of the complementary medicine treatment options that you can find available in hospitals or health care centers across the United States.

Acupuncture is one of the most ancient and well proven complementary medicines. This Chinese therapeutic technique uses thin needles that are inserted at specific points along the meridian which leads to the stopping of energy flow and relieving of pain. There are clinical trials and research that have proved the effectiveness of acupuncture. More people are turning to acupuncture for pain relief. The scientists and researchers involved in this field are developing new needle materials and patterns to increase its effectiveness and popularity.

Alternative and Complementary Medicine this includes the usage of various herbal products, vitamins, minerals, natural supplements, homeopathic medicines, physical therapy, prayer, meditation and other types of treatment practices. These practices have been used by traditional healers for centuries for treating and curing diseases. Even though many of these alternative and complementary therapies are scientifically proven to be effective, there are still skeptical people who doubt on its scientific basis. Nevertheless, there are scientific evidences that clearly prove the effectiveness of these practices. Many scientific studies have also been conducted on these alternative and complementary medical methods to further improve its scientific basis.

Alternative and Complementary Medicine – considered as a complementary science is getting popular day by day. It is gaining wider acceptance in US society as people are becoming aware of the adverse effects of conventional drug intake. There are some cases of patients going through chemotherapy for cancer who chose alternative and complementary medicine for treating their disease instead of taking the prescribed drugs. People generally accept alternative and complementary medicine as a complementary treatment option because the scientific basis of these methods are not yet established and are still in the research stage. But still there are people who doubt its scientific basis.

Alternative and Complementary Medicine continues to gain its momentum in the medical science world. There are lots of patients who are now opting for these non-traditional methods of treating and curing their diseases. But it is important for people to realize that there is still much more to this type of medicine than making it a cure all. These medical practices are still under the classification of Traditional Medical Science.

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