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Health plays an important role in shaping our lives. Unless and until we are healthy, we are not going to be in a position to perform our day-to-day tasks and we won’t be able to live happily as well. Therefore it is necessary to try to remain healthy and for that we need to follow certain rules and principles in life. We are going to have a quick look at them in this article.


Our health primarily depends on three key factors. These are the food we eat, the workout that we do and the kind of lifestyle that we live. We are going to discuss each of these three points one by one and see how they can help in improving our overall health.


To get started, our health majorly depends on the kind of food that we eat. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner snacks or any other food for that matter, the amount, quantity and the quality of the food that we consume basically makes up for our health. If we eat healthy and nutritious food, our body will become healthy and resistant towards disease or ailments. On the other hand, if we over eat or do not eat nutritious food and have lots of oils and spicy items in the food, then it will have an adverse effect on our health


Apart from the food, exercise also plays a very important role in keeping our body fit. Anybody who does not eat healthy food, if he too exercises regularly then he will be able to digest that unhealthy food and have better chances of being healthy along with unhealthy food than a person who eats unhealthy food and does not exercise at all. Exercise keeps us body fit and our mind peaceful and relaxed. Regular exercise of any kind like going to the gym or playing a sport or even walking is good for health. So everybody should exercise regularly as and when possible.


Finally our lifestyle is also very important in defining our overall health. We should work hard and rest well. We should have defined hours for our sleep and we should sleep well. If we keep all these points in your mind and try to execute them sincerely as much as possible, then we would definitely be able to improve the health and you would be able to keep body fit for a long period of time.

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